Sunday, February 4, 2007

More About Cranes

Hi Mary,
Yes, Now more than ever I will go to Necedah to watch them. Hopefully anyway. There is no guarantee that they will be able to fly during the time I am there, but I will try.
You ask how the cranes learn to fly behind the ultralight. They go to 'flight school'. From before they are hatched at Pawtuxent in Maryland they hear the sound of the ultralight. As soon as they are able to walk they are led around an ultralight to become familiar with it. And they are trained to follow it in a circle at first and then later on, in Wisconsin, they learn to fly behind it. It is a fascinating story and you can see the basic training idea if you watch the movie 'Fly Away Home'. Operation Migration people helped with that part of the movie. Also if you go to this link you can see their photo and written journals of each years migration.

Well, I finished a cap for Junice this morning so I am going to give it to her this afternoon. Hopefully it won't be too big. It is of a very light fluffy Scheepjes wool acrylic and mohair blend called Voluma. One of my ancient yarns. Junice thinks she has a tiny head so we will see if this fits. If it doesn't I am going to measure her and make the next one all cables so it will really look small because of the stretch.

Mom and I are going to see her as soon as I get ready. I have been dilly-dallying here at the computer instead. I will send a photo later. I seem to be bad at photos lately.

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