Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Hi Nancy,
For some reason, when I do the taxes, I become enraged no completely unreasonable no totally pissed off how about a little tense. So…er…tense, that when my loving husband called to check in with me last night I curtly told him that I was too busy to talk to the likes of him! My god, I’m doing the freaking taxes for godsakes didn’t he know better than to call then?????

And this morning I was not much better. No, I was not better. Because while I was doing this:

PJ the cat was doing this:

And the toilet was doing…well I won’t show a picture of that. But the toilet was not being nice. And I was not nice either. And I couldn’t find lots of tax stuff that I can always find, like, for instance last year’s taxes. Ai yi yi.

Well I made it down to my tax preparer (Elaine I love you) and to calm myself down so that I wouldn’t babble while she was making sense of my pile of paper, I knitted on this:

It’s just a cotton swath with some twisted stitches that is going to be a headband. It took me awhile to figure out exactly how I wanted it to go, but that doesn’t matter because I’ve cleverly decided to keep the mixed up part in the back, under my hair, heh heh. When I think about my new headband, I feel much nicer. So I’d better go call the ol’ bear and not be such an old dog, if you know what I mean. I'll let you know how the tax thing goes. Ugh. Love you, Mary

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