Sunday, February 18, 2007

knitting around the house

Howdy Nancy,
I wonder if you made it to LH Yarns to knit again, yesterday? And how's the tax season going?
I've gone through my stuff to inventory the UFOs that I have lying around the house. I think that if I post them, somehow I'll become more accountable and perhaps even finish them. Of course I will finish them, won't I?
S0 this page will have lots of pictures. First - this is not a real project - it's an exploratory knit- up of a Barbara Walker lace pattern: candlelight. I hope to make a shawl with it someday.
Of course, this is as far as I got. I didn't even know that the pattern had been sitting on the coffee table at Mom's and Dad's until you found it for me at Thanksgiving! NEXT!

This is my set-up to make knotted yarn, using my music stand and the knitting noddy you gave me. This is the sequel to the mongol warrior hat yarn - that ancient silk/mohair paired with an old soft brown sheep. Fat and soft and really warm. Hat and mittens planned.

Oooooo, the hat I'm making in knitting class with Berocco alpaca is below. (I'm farther along thanthis shows.) This is what I've been spending most of my time on lately.

My Sally Melville Not-So-Warm coat, from this book. My god, it's only garter stitch, you'd think I'd get it over with but, no....

And below, Zeke's scarf. I bring this when I don't have something else to knit on that's mindless. He'll get it for Christmas some year....

Okay, here is the bane of my existence. No, that's not what I should call it. It's the project with the most guilt attached. Ol' Bear's gansey. I'm only showing the most interesting part, the aran-type cables that don't really belong on a gansey, but there they are. Because my loving husband doesn't know the difference between an aran and a gansey (and I didn't appreciate this either when he was telling me what he wanted, or else I would have convinced him otherwise), this is what we have. And as I'm designing this hybrid as we go along...and as I've never done this seems to happen in fits and starts. Now, wouldn't it be nice if I finished this up in time for his birthday in May? I've actually got the body to the upper chest done, but now there's the sleeves to figure out and...I enjoy working on this so I think it's really going to be next...
...after the socks I have stashed away in the
mud room amongst the skate and ski gear.

And the snowflake hat, of course. Egad. May 23rd - well, I've got three months to work on that sweater. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....

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Nancy Drew said...

I LOOOVVVVEEEE your cap! I guess I need some white alpaca. I have 4 lovely green, blue, purple, magenta colors of alpaca. I could make the cap 4 times. Hmmm maybe I need some lighter colors too for the center of the stars. Or maybe not.
Can I buy the pattern from your shop there in Whitefish?