Sunday, February 11, 2007

Breaking In

Howdy there Mare,
I started my infiltration of the Linden Hills Yarn Shop yesterday. I went there about 2 o'clock and the place was packed. Jan got me a chair and I pulled up to a 6 inch space at the table and started working on Jim's scarf. People were knitting and talking and after a while the lady next to me asked everyone to help her choose yarn for a blanket sized throw. She wanted calm colors and had in hand a sage green that she liked.
We all gave her many opinions and she couldn't decide so eventually we had about every color out. She was looking at that greek cotton ( I don't know the name) that is cabled not spun. It has a red paper label. Jan has about 20 colors in it.
Eventually 4 o'clock came and as we were all tired of trying to get her to make up her mind I left. Four is officially closing time.
I know the names of two people there. Michael and a woman named Shawn or Sean. Hard to know how people spell that one.
I will continue my infiltration efforts next weekend.
I only got a few more inches done on the scarf, but that is secondary to my main purpose; finding a knitting home in Minneapolis.
Yr sister,

PS Junice has reported to Mom that her blue cap it too big. So I am swatching for a smaller one with cables. That woman thinks she has a head the size of a softball. Well, maybe an Indian River grapefruit.
Love again,

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