Saturday, February 3, 2007

Whooping Crane disaster

Dear Mary,
It is really sad here today. I went to as I usally do each morning to see if something new was posted and found out that all 18 of the young whooping cranes that flew down behind the ultralights last fall were dead. They were lost in the bad tornados that hit central Florida two days ago.
I find it horribly hard to believe that they all died.
I thought that it might make me feel better to get out and so I went to three knitting stores today. NU was having a sale, like always, so I went there. That wasn't enough so I went to Creative Fibers and to Linden Hills Yarns. I see what you meant about Linden Hills Yarns when you talked about them last fall. It has sure changed from when I used to go there 15 years ago. The same lady, Jan, owns it but the whole feeling of the store has changed. It used to be very high toned and snooty with only the most expensive yarns. Now it was the only one of the three I went to that had a table with people sitting around it knitting. They just come there and knit. Some were experienced and some were terrified beginners. They were all eating and talking and knitting. Another knitter came in with her young daughter to just touch base. She had been sick. It was like home. I think I might have to go there for Saturday knitting myself. I need my hand held for a while.
Anyway I came home and decided that I need to donate another mile to Operation Migration in honor of the '06 cranes. Yarn didn't do it for me. Although I did buy some.
Soon I will let you see what I got.

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