Monday, March 5, 2007

More knitting miscellany

Howdy! I'm getting ready to do another Seattle travelogue this coming weekend. This time I promise to visit at least one yarn shop. In fact, the ol' bear has even scouted one out for me that's near his apartment. That's my huggy bear!
I'll leave you with some pictoral thoughts (worth a thousand words!) of things that have been inspiring knitting and that have been keeping me busy (and away from writing the dreaded "personal statement" required to apply for grad school) lately:

This one I will have to give credit to the back cover of Knitting in the Nordic Tradition.

Happy Knitting! L, md PS Yarn Harlot's going to be at The Yarnery on April 4.

1 comment:

Nancy Drew said...

April 4!!!!! Dammit that is a wednesday! During our second busiest week of the year.