Sunday, March 18, 2007

Falling on the ice

Hi Mare,
Well it has been a while since I posted. I don't suppose comments on your posts count. I have been having exciting times 'cause I fell on the ice and sprained my left wrist. Such a bummer. I had Jim go get me a brace to hold it still as any movement was very painful. And I iced it. I was good.

It was much better by the end of the second day when I discovered I was allergic to the neoprene the brace was made out of and had a very itchy rash where the brace had been. So then I went braceless but really was so much better that didn't matter. I still iced it occasionally and practiced stretches gently.

It will be a week tomorrow morning and I am very much better. I try to keep clothes off the rashy place as I can stand most anything better than itchiness. I have a lovely greenish blue bruise on the inside of my wrist and occasional bruises other places on my body and a sore shoulder. However I started knitting again last night and it was fine as long as I went slowely. I still can't put much pressure on it or carry anything heavier than a dozen eggs without pain but it gets better every day.

When I fell I broke my glasses. I had just had a eye test last week and decided that new glasses were a luxury I didn't need since my prescription hadn't changed. (Even though I saw some frames I really liked.) So I will be getting them later this week. See, every cloud has a silver lining. Or when someone slams the door they open a window. Or something like that. Meanwhile I am wearing my two year old glasses. Luckily I brought them down to Minneapolis this year.

So you are in Seattle? Taking pictures of anything besides stairways? I really sort of liked your stairways. You found so many interesting ones. I think you should have a stairway picture blog.

I am going to bed early tonight so this is all I am posting. I could take a picture of our stairway here if you want one. I will work on getting a picture of my new glasses.


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