Sunday, February 18, 2007

Weekend plans go awry


Darn it.

I did not get to Linden Hills Yarn this weekend. I had it all planned. Chanhassan Dinner Theater Friday night, knit on Saturday afternoon, Bluegrass concert with Jim Saturday night and chick flik with E on Sunday afternoon. But E screwed it up. Her planning was Chick flick with Nancy on Saturday and some stupid (my word) thing with friends on Sunday afternoon. So Saturday was spent watching Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant instead of knitting.

Hopefully next week.

And as a tip of the hat to your unfinished knitting I have a neat mosaic swatch from 1988. I will never make it. It is three strands on each row and is heavy as a brick. Probably wonderfully warm no matter how windy though. It is made with a discontinued yarn. Aarlen's Cristal. It is a very soft twist, almost roving. And of course there is not enough of one color to make the pattern. A good thing now, I know, although I was seduced by the color pattern. Sometimes not rushing to finish something lets you make the right decision.


Nicole said...

omg - that swatch is gorgeous!

Nancy Drew said...

Thanks Nicole! It is from a magazine pattern from the early 90's I think. It was either Knitters Mag or probably Vogue Knitting. It was originally black and white but I found that boring. So I played with the colors. But it is really too heavy when you strand three worsted weight wools. Now if you did it in something lighter, shetland maybe?, it would be wearable.
I think it is great too. Even after all these years.