Friday, September 26, 2008

Operation Migration and Whooping Cranes

Well Mary, I have so much to post and the computer has been good for a whole day now that I believe I better post quick before it starts to misbehave. As you know I was at Necedah Wisconsin for CraneFest 2008 last weekend. We got to see the cranes fly behind the ultra light three times. Here are two video's I took the first day. No editing, I have no idea how to do that. Maybe someday I will have you show me it. Or maybe not. I am a lazy bum.

The second one started over to the east of the tower and moves across to the west where a single ultralight had landed to give 811 some exercise. They go down the 'runway' for some ground effect flight and then another crane comes in to visit.
I love having these memories of the time at Necedah. I also love the early morning mist. It is so beautiful when the sun is just barely up. These are new from this year.

This is the crane sculpture at the Necedah Refuge office. And this Great Blue was so nice looking under the fall leaves I took many pictures of him. This is my favorite.



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