Saturday, September 20, 2008

Knitting in Wisconsin

Oh my Mary,
I have been to Meg Swanson's Schoolhouse Press. It does not have a retail outlet, just a storeroom like area with an office in front. When I called they were at first going to turn me down but I explained that I was visiting from North Dakota and they told me I could come between 10 and noon on Friday and they gave me good instructions. It was only 30 miles from Necedah!
When I drove up it was a very plain house like place. No sign on the building, and you had to be told what door to enter (none of the ones showing). Once in, you were in the office area with the little rug and desk. Tammy was at the desk and Eleanor was in the book/yarn area beyond it. They are hiding from the camera.

I figured I would buy books as they are so expensive to ship, unlike yarn. Eleanor showed me where the lace books were and I had an enjoyable time there. I got the book on Shadow knitting and several wonderful leaflets on lace knitting. I should have a list for you but they are in the car.
Then I looked at yarn.
And looked at the yarn.

And looked at the yarn.

And I succumbed. You knew I would. I bought a Meg Swanson DVD about lace knitting a Marianne Kinsel pattern called Primula. I believe it is in the Second Lace Knitting book which I already have. You need 4 skeins of laceweight wool for it. I found a wonderful dark blue. Very rich looking. I bought 5 skeins, just in case.

After I paid I looked around. They were so nice! They let me take all these photos. Here is some art work they have around the office. I don't know who did these paper items, but the painting is by Meg's late husband, Chris.

I had a wonderful time!

Love, Nancy

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Mary Drew said...

WoW! Maybe we should do one of their knitting camps someday...when?