Friday, September 12, 2008

Quilts and more quilts

Hi Mary,

OK already, I think you found Christy's quilt on my webshots page, but here is one you haven't seen yet. I finished it about a week ago. I have been working on it, off and on, for more than two years. It is a pattern I found at the quilt market in Kansas City one spring. Bee Creative Studios is the name of the designer. Hollyhocks and Hummers is the name of the pattern. I call it Paula's Hollyhocks because I went to Paula's Restaurant in Mayville, North Dakota to get some better details of buds and seed pods for the quilt. Paula's has had Hollyhocks growing at the back of the restaurant for years.

My niece Joanna helped me draw the buds and just opening flowers. Then I put it away for a few months. The next spring I got it out and chose fabrics and got it marked but not cut. Then I finally cut and appliqued the leaves last year. This year I finished the flowers and the buds and got it quilted. One word of advice to anyone else doing this. Use batting that won't pull through the fabric or use black batting. The white batting I used somehow came through the batik background fabric and it looked like a cat had been laying on it for years. What a pain.

If you ask I will tell you how I 'fixed' it but only if you ask. Otherwise it is a secret. HA!




Mary Drew said...

How did you fix it?

Nancy Drew said...

Oh you nosy thing you. I know you don't really want to know but can't resist a 'mystery'.
OK this is what I did. I got a 'pigma' brand black marker and painted the damn things.
Whenever I pulled one out two more would follow. When I used a roller made for taking fur off of fabric it would pull more up. When I lightly passed the black marker over them they disappeared. They are still there though. Nasty!