Monday, September 15, 2008

A Pink Cast

(This post is about a week old.  It took me awhile to get around to finishing it. mdp)

Hi Nancy,
  Well, what's been up with Mom and Dad?  More of the same.  Thursday we went in for Mom to have her old orange cast taken off, her wrist re-xrayed, and a new cast put on.  Mom chose pink this time.

I told her I could dye her hair to match, but she merely looks amused and doesn't deign to reply.  She must be taking lessons from Fatty Kitty, although he never looks so amused.
    Dad continues to gather information on the presidential candidates.  It's been very interesting.  I suppose you already saw THIS; I keep trying to embed it but it won't work, so please follow the link.  I never laughed so hard.  Now that we can keep track in so many ways every word these people say, it's amazing that they still get away with it.  I suppose not enough people are listening.

There is also this site that I discovered as a result of visiting an exhibit at the Weisman Art Museum.  It has so much information about written and spoken material by the presidents, including pages for each of the 2008 Presidential candidates, so you can compare what they said last month to what they say today.

But enough of that.  Another of Dad's tasks is to go out and grab the tomatoes before they get eaten.  We're not sure what's eating them - some of the higher tomatoes are getting chewed on as well as lower ones.

Soon we'll have to start covering the tomatoes, and I'm about ready to pull up the basil and dry it, except for a couple of plants that I'm letting go to seed so I can save them and use them next year.  I have the same plans for some garlic chives, and the oregano that Dad has going in the garden.  I hope to have a big herb garden next summer.  Love, Mary

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abigail said...

Was that the day you were all acting like Pirates? Mom seems to have a strange evil look in her eye. "Avast ye swashbucklers. Over the side with ye"