Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Missing quilts

Hi Nancy,

I was just looking at the quilt pictures on your webshots site, and there are two missing.  One is the quilt you made for Christy, and one is the quilt you are holding up in one of your profile pictures.  Rats, I can't find a picture of the quilt you made for Christy.  But here's the Fern Fusing Frenzy quilt:

And then there's the quilt that's behind Christy in the picture in this post.  The reason I got on this subject is an email from one of my friends which said: "Here's something you already know, but it still has to be said:  Your sister is an AMAZINGLY gifted quilter- actually, she's magician with fabric.  I'm still shaking my head with wonder over what she can do." 

And I don't think she had even looked at your webshots site.  Yes, you are an amazingly gifted quilter.  I'm proud of you.  Bang.

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