Friday, August 29, 2008

A Tale of Two Shawls

Hi Nancy,
We spoke about the Swirl Shawl I had finished, and the website I got the pattern from (Knitting Pattern Central). Here's a picture of the shawl before blocking:

I should mention that the yarn is Dune from Trendsetter yarns, mohair and various manmade fibers, plus 6% metal!  It has greens and purple and turquoise colors; the color# is 102, called Grass and Sky, and it's not discontinued.  I just checked.  This pattern took 4 skeins equalling 360 yds.  Here is is blocked:

 And here is is being worn. (Why must we always put our hand on our hip?  I couldn't not do it when I was trying to take a decent picture.)

So I am pleased with how the shawl came out.  Yes, I could have gone a little longer, but the end of the fourth skein just seemed like the right place to stop.  I can throw both ends over the shoulder and have a capelet type of thing, or let both hang down and they ruffle gracefully, framing my luscious silk sheath. Heh heh - luscious - must be thinking of the Black Forest Cherry Torte I just had at the Black Forest Inn.

Okay, besides that, here is the shawl I bought at a rummage sale that I want to copy.

Look: it's two parallelograms in a chevron shape.  I know I've learned how to do this before but I can't remember, so I'm busily putting library books on hold (mostly the ones I already own in Montana) so I can remember if I'm right about the slanting decreases being the secret.  I love the shape and size of this little shawl.  Too bad it's made of a harsh-feeling yarn, and it is also falling apart.  I could use a brighter color.  But beyond that, it is a good little warmer-upper, and one that I can use gardening, or during tasks where I might not use another shawl I'd be afraid to snag or stain.  I like wearing shawls!

Meanwhile, now that I've finished a project, I'm ready for another, so I'm looking around.  But I think it might be the eyelet chevron shawl next.  Love, Mary


varun said...

nice stuff!!Shawls and Scarves

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Angelina and i'm from Greece. In writing because i'd like to knit the swirl pattern but i can't download it from Knitting Pattern Central. I wonder if you could send it in my email I'm looking forward to hearing from you. sincerely Αγγελικη Νομικου