Monday, August 4, 2008

Morning Glories and other flowers

Morning Glories have always been my favorite flower. This morning there were 8 of them on my gate. I took many pictures. Here are the best ones. This is an old variety called (I think) Grandpa Ott's Morning Glory. It is a yummy purpley blue.
I grew them from seed I saved from last year. I put them out late in May and two days later we had a fairly hard freeze. Only a few of the little plants lived through it even though I went out and covered them up. One, out in the garden on the east fence, is blooming and these by the gate.
I will have seeds to save again for next year. By the way speaking of saving seeds. I am getting lots of little poppy seed sized seeds from these little pink flowers. Jim got them out of a mix. Does anyone have any idea what they are?
You can see a little bit of dried up seed pods on the right side of the picture. Look for the little brown tubes just about in the middle of the right side. They are about 12 inches high.
I would show you a picture I took of my hard small green tomatoes but I am embarassed after seeing the Fatty Tomato on Fatty Kitty's website yesterday.
That was too much tomato and I am jealous (small hard green jealousy) and hungry for a home grown tomato. How are Jon's potatoes doing?


Mary Drew said...

They look ok, but we haven't dug any up yet. It's too early, isn't it?
I'm trying not to think about them cuz I think they're gonna taste great and I want to eat them. What's the best way to eat just-dug potatoes?

Nancy Drew said...

Well the hot thing here is creamed new potatoes and fresh peas. You gently dig under the potato plant and wiggle out some small potatoes, leaving the rest of the plant undisturbed to grow bigger and then you cook the potatoes and peas in cream. I have never done it but my sister in law, Dave's wife Shari, has.
I just like them with butter and parsley myself. You (and I don't know why) scrape a circle of peel off of the little potato leaving the rest intact and gently simmer them till done and then butter and parsley and yum. I suppose you could use any fresh herb. To paraphrase a former president, "It's the butter,stupid"

Karen Anne said...

Mystery plant - my guess is a type of phlox. Here is the wikipedia link, scroll down to the picture of moss phlox: