Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Elizabeth Peters writes again

Hi Mary,
Just a quick note to let you know that a new E.P. book is out and she is again in Egypt. However this is the present day and the heroine is Vicki Bliss instead of Amelia. While reading her website last year I came across some interesting hints that she was going to link her two most popular protagonists in a new book. This, I assume, is it. There were hints that maybe someone might be a descendant of the Emersons. Hmmmmm. We shall have to wait and see.




Mary Drew said...

Ok, I've placed the first Vicki Bliss book on hold. We'll see if I like her as well as I like Amelia...although I'm getting to the point where I might enjoy a synopsis of each Peabody book rather than reading the whole thing. There are only so many times Peabody can complain about a shirt being ruined before it becomes tiresome. However, I do enjoy saying "Curse it!"

Nancy Drew said...

Good Gad so do I.