Sunday, September 14, 2008

Visiting with Mary

Hi there everyone,
Jim and I went down to the cities on our way to Necedah with a short stop in Lake City for a TOGA. Before and after we will go to the Twins games to give Jim a little something to do before I make him do all the stuff I like to do.
First I gave Mary the apron I made for her since she is not a purse person. She really likes it. Here she is wearing it to keep clean while computing.

Then the next day we went downtown to see the Twinkies at the dome. Outside the dome and inside the dome a little later. Hmmm we had dome dogs and soda's and one of us had a philly steak. We came away with several keepsake cups too. (I couldn't spell suevineer)Mary and Jim used their new scorebooks although Mary got a little testy when the Royals kept changing all the pitchers near the end of the game. It worked though, they won in 10 innings.

We had a good time anyway.



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Mary Drew said...

Note all the ripening heirloom tomatoes in the background of the apron picture, from the farm in North Dakota.