Friday, October 3, 2008

Back in North Dakota

Hi Mary,
The trip home was uneventful. I got to stop at National Camera Exchange and also at Blue Bamboo. Blue Bamboo is one of my favorite quilt shops. It started out as online only and still does most of its business that way, but if you want to come in and browse you may. So it was sort of like going to Meg Swanson's Schoolhouse Press a few weeks ago.

When you first enter there is a little office just inside the door. However it is so covered with fabric offerings that you hardly notice it. A few feet further in you look to the left into the store and there you see fabric. Piles of it. Some is nicely organized and some is piled up all over every flat surface. (It is hard to find a cutting table that can be used) More is stacked on the floor waiting to be put away. Up above you can see quilts hanging from the ceiling and tacked to the walls. They did two of the quilts in the One Block Wonders: Encore book and you can see parts of those two in the picture above.There are fat quarters and half yard cuts and there are piles of remnants too. They have a wonderful selection of orientals. More than at any other store I have been to which is why I like this store alot. I hardly ever make it into the batik section, but it also is very large. I only spent 20 dollars there which was very restrained of me. Jim waited patiently in the car with his coffee and 4 papers from Seattle.

Before I left I took some pictures of Fatty Kitty being cute and flat,

and Mom with her purse (she is cute too.) I didn't have a picture of that purse yet.

I also took a picture of you. It is very symbolic because it is a dark picture and it always seems to me as if you fall into a black hole whenever school starts. So here you are, 'holed up' in the upstairs sitting room reading for class.

Take care.




Mary Drew said...

I do. I do fall into a black hole. I'm falling in right nooooooo o o oww w w w w w w . . . .

Ree said...

Sigh. The black hole effect is in no way Mary's fault. This is a condition endemic to those of us in her program... You'll have her back again after graduation, never fear.

Fatty Kitty is so very talented at the cuteness! Those eyes, those stretched-out-behind back legs!