Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Peace Garden in Minneapolis

Hi Nancy,
Have you ever been to the Minneapolis Peace Garden?
When you walk around this sculpture at the entrance,

you can read a poem, and you can read it in at least two different ways.  
There are probably more.

               Poem 1         or            Poem 2

       minds widen                      widen ideas
             ideas open                        

       ideas open                         open spirits

             spirits connect                 connect hearts

       spirits connect                    connect hearts

             hearts free                       free minds 

       hearts free                         free minds

             minds widen                     widen  ideas 

Love, Mary


Nancy Drew said...

Dear Mary,
I remember going with Mom to the dedication of the Peace Garden. It was uncovered by the tornado of 1982 that went through Pershing Park while the Southwest Community School was having a 'Sunday Funday in the Park'. I remember cowering in the park building as it went over.
It went over to Harriet and came out of the lake by the rose gardens. It knocked over some huge trees there on the other side of the Rose Gardens and when they started the clean it up they discovered a lost garden over there.
So I don't remember exactly whenthe rededication was, but sometime in the middle 80's.
It has evolved since we were there, and I never saw the poem.
If I remember it is a sister garden with one in Japan. I can't remember what city. So I googled it and found this link.
which tells all about it. 1985 was the rededication.
I think I will have to visit it again this fall. Sounds as if it is really nice.

Nancy Drew said...

And this site too.

Ree said...

Rocco was just in Minneapolis for a conference, and he lingered some days to visit Grandma and the folks.

In the wake of his experience of taking commuter trains in to the conference center and seeing sights, we just had a discussion about what a surprisingly enlightened city is Minneapolis. If we had any interest in being city dwellers, the Twin Cities would no doubt be a wonderful place to live!

Your posts do tend to back this up, Mary!