Friday, October 17, 2008

Ben and Amandas' Wedding

Jim and I took Amtrak out to Portland for Ben and Amanda's Wedding. We had a great time and saw a lot of scenery. I will put the scenery up on Webshots eventually but here are people pictures. Some we already knew and some we just met.

We had a lovely time visiting with the family and getting to know Cannon Beach, Oregon. What a wonderful little town and what a fabulous beach.
But first, we landed in Portland, Oregon and got to wander around for awhile. We were sent to a neat little diner for a late breakfast and met Jim 'no last name' there. He told us how to get to Powells bookstore and suggested the Chinese Garden as a great place to visit. We went to Powells that day and saved the garden until we were on our way back.We three sisters had rented a house (Whispering Sands) from Haystack Lodgings and it was really nice. I would go there again. It was just half a block from the beach. It had an electric fireplace that kept the upstairs warm. We had our own kitchen so we could cook, a table perfect for Hand and Foot and free popcorn. What more could we ask for? Well, an iron and ironing board, and they provided that too.

So we bummed around for a day and then we had the rehersal dinner with Amanda and Ben's family on Friday night. There we met RUSS and Molly (shown with Jim). Russ is NOT named Jeff, or Geoff. Molly is one of the Bridesmaids. It was also Christy's birthday so she got a cake and a vase of the gorgeous floral decorations from the tables.
Finally, on Saturday, the wedding. Which was why we were all there to start with. Christy was the cutest groomswoman.
Ben and Amanda danced the first dance. This is a really loud video, you might want to turn the volumn down.

Then we all got a little crazy and we all danced. No pictures of that thank goodness. Did I mention there was unlimited wine?

Sunday we all slept in and I played a game of Hand and Foot with Dresdon (age 9). He beat me the sneaky guy.

Then we had a short late luncheon at Amanda's parents home in Cannon Beach. We got to talk to Martha and Jim. Martha was one of the Bridesmaids too and her Dad lives about 6 blocks away from our parents. We didn't get a picture of Martha and Jim. For some reason I didn't take my camera.

Paul and Liz and Dresdon left from the luncheon and the rest of us went back to Whispering Sands and packed to get ready to leave the next day. Jeni was really worried about the oatmeal and I had to tell her I would take it home. I lied. I needed room for yarn. Oatmeal can be bought anyplace but Noro's Kureyon is not always available in North Dakota.

On Monday, after an early breakfast with Mary, Brian and Jeni, back Jim and I went to Portland to finally check out the Chinese Gardens, superb,
and get back on the Amtrak for Grand Forks.

This is the Portland Station, but for some reason, Jim likes the Whitefish Station the best.

I wonder why that could be?




Mary Drew said...

We want to know if Jim bought one of each newspaper?

Jeni is calling you an "oatmeal leaver" or "Leaver of the Oatmeal." She says she'll never trust you again!

We will now proceed to the available garage sales...:)

Nancy Drew said...

He only bought two newspapers. But he bowed in front of each box.

Russ (not jeff) said...

Nice blog!!!

Nancy Drew said...

So Russ, did you have to get a whole new google ID just to get that name on the comments?