Sunday, December 2, 2007

You must have been having some fun.....

Yep, Thanksgiving at the ol' Mater's and Pater's house sounds like a blast. Sigh.
Oh well, I'm feeling chipper today because it snowed, finally. And look who came to dinner:

And after he was done, look who came for leftovers:

And then, somebody got impatient for his turn:

It's blurry, but that's a downy woodpecker on top, waiting for the red-shafted flicker to get done with the suet. I made that suet myself (oh how modest!). Well, gotta go, we have a BIG project due tomorrow. Love, Mary


Nancy Drew said...

Wow, a pileated! I only see those about once every 10 years around here. I used to see them over at Owl's Nest in the summer. They have been reporting them lately on the Rare Bird hotline for North Dakota but I haven't seen one.
I'll trade you suet recipes. I have one from Wild Bird magazine about 12 years ago that is good too.
Does your involve crunchy peanut butter, lard, oatmeal and cornmeal?????

Mary Drew said...

WoW Yes! How did you guess? Except no corn meal. But I did put cranberries in it because there were some left in the freezer from last year. And I put some raw peanuts from the freezer too, and some really old pine nuts. So it was quite nutty.

Mary Drew said...

PS the pileated has been back today too.