Wednesday, December 19, 2007

back home again

Hi Mary,
We didn't get started till noon. Alice was really sneaky in hiding under a chair in my reading nook. We looked there and didn't see her until we got down on our hands and knees and peered behind the wooden slat covering the front of the chair.

The morning was foggy and when it lifted everything was covered with frost again. It was really beautiful but we didn't stop to take a photo so this is from the other day.

By the time we got half way across MN it was cloudy and it is supposed to stay cloudy for a while. By the way... are you coming in Saturday the 22nd or Sunday the 23rd?

Somehow I got Saturday the 23rd on my mind and that is just plain confusing. So send me those flight numbers etc OK?


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Mary Drew said...

Love those frosty days....