Thursday, December 6, 2007

More Thanksgiving pictures

Hi again Mary,
I am just trying to give you something else to read on the computer. I am starting to worry that you won't get enough exercise 'cause all you do is sit in front of the computer.
Deb sent me some of Chris's pictures from Thanksgiving. They fill in the holes in mine quite nicely, so here they are too.
Mom putting in her hearing aid so she can talk to us.
Nancy reading a short article about Donald Westlake and how he created Dortmunder to Mom (and Dad).
E getting ready to trounce us at Hand and Foot.

Here are Jon and E with their dueling 'stuffies'. E has two from Caribou coffee and Jon has his pal "Ace". Ace left Jon and played for Nancy for a part of the game. She had great luck with him too.

That's all for now.




Mary Drew said...

Does "Ace" smell? He looks as if he would.

You are right about the exercise. I plan to do that next week.

Nancy Drew said...

Jon claims that Ace is very clean and recently washed and not used since. No one really believes him.
He pushed Ace in my face and told me to "Smell him. See he doesn't smell" Since I can't smell much of anything anyway I decided to pretend to seduce Ace and I snuggled up to him and made purring sounds.
This grossed Jon out so much that he dropped Ace in horror.
That is when Ace came to work for me. Heh heh heh.

Mary Drew said...

Who won that game, anyway?

Nancy Drew said...

Mary, mary, mary,
The points don't matter.
I really don't remember but once I had Ace I did quite well. It is usually Jim or E.