Friday, December 21, 2007

A tree topper for Dad

Hi Nancy,
Remember all the tetrahedrons and octahedrons and other odd polyhedrons Dad used to make out of construction paper? Look at this: a perfect top to the Christmas tree for Dad, and it can be knit!
Har! I get a newsletter from Berrocco, and this free pattern is in their most recent one.
I'm going to bed right now or I'd look it up to see what the pattern is like. I wonder how hard it is to make? G'night! Love you, Mary


Nancy Drew said...

Should we work on this for NEXT year. I have way too many things for him for this year.

Nancy Drew said...

However I really think it is ugly.
Maybe if we used sparkly yarn or curling ribbon or something less plus size bra looking.

Mary Drew said...

I am dying of laughter - the first thing I thought of was boobs too! But I didn't really make the connection with one of those giant, white, industrial strength bras until now. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahaha whew!

You are right, it is thoroughly ugly. I don't think anything could save it unless it was made very small, and purple. Maybe. And sparkly.