Tuesday, December 4, 2007

1958 Cheesecake

Hey Mary,

I have long been jealous of your picture on your comments. Today I found one that might work for me. Tell me what you think of it. And I can crop out that little rug rat in the corner so just ignore her.Love,



Nancy Drew said...

damn, I thought I would get at least a snicker.

Mary Drew said...

It was hidden under the other post! I just saw it! Don't you think a judicious crop of that would look good as our banner?

ps the piliated was back again. Apparently we're his breakfast stop.

Nancy Drew said...

No way in hell...er maybe not.

Still jealous about the pileated. We have some rusty blackbirds.

Nancy Drew said...

Hmmm now I think about it maybe. It has us both. I wonder can I get it as a light backgound. I will try to do something.