Sunday, November 25, 2007

Home Again

Well after all my promises I only took 9 photos. I meant to take one of the two sweet potato pies that Deb made. Yummy! And I meant to take a few more of the card games but we got way to into the card games and so... here we have our photo's.
I even took the camera to the Chanhassan but had way too much fun with the family and the show. I didn't even take it out of the purse. You guys missed a great show drat. Maybe we can do it again at Christmas. I wouldn't mind seeing this one again.
This is Jim reading in the peace and quiet of the upstairs sitting room. We had to drag him down for some of Jon's pie.

On the way downstairs I took a photo of Joe and Monica's new garage/studio going up next door. Whooie!
Those pies were delicious although he wouldn't tell us his secret for getting the designs onto the crust.

Here are Mom and Deb waiting on some pie.
Chris got up late and wanted breakfast so here he is in his underwear doing some toast.
Then Jeni came in and wouldn't let me take a full frontal. So I took a head and shoulders. Too bad cause she has her hand down there covering up part of his clothing. I will let you guess which part by the nervous look on her face, and maybe by the look on his.
Here is Mom waiting for the rest of us to get ready for the trip to Chanhassan.

I wonder what Christy thinks of this photo?
And here is the first snowfall. It was all gone this morning when we left for home. The only thing it did was to make the grass a little greener.

Note the yard sign.




Mary Drew said...

Just real quickly here - boy, Chris's hair is sure going gray - but in the other picture it still looks red, so I'm guessing it was the flash.
Thank you for the many pictures!

Nancy Drew said...

Mom's hair went grey first around her face and ears. I remember seeing her from the back when she was almost all grey and from the back she still looked red.
I am going grey that way too. What surprised me was the bald spot on top.
Ahhhh age.