Saturday, November 10, 2007

Even Ol' Bear remembers...

...we both remember! We remember how you made fun of Jim's Campbell soup cookbooks.

But you just sent us a recipe that calls for canned soup. So I couldn't resist Andy Warhol. How "North Dakota" of you! And how "North Dakota " of me, because I plan to cook it. I love crock pot meals (that's what we call them in Montana - "slow cooker meal" has too many syllables. We're a terse crowd.)

PJ the fatty kitty is on my lap. I can tell he wants a picture of himself posted too, but he kept bugging me all night and I refuse to humor him. Some night I'll have Brian take a picture of him when he's on my lap and I'm typing. He puts his chin on my arm and just leaves it there to be joggled up and down. He doesn't like it when I listen to lectures though - the cord to the earphones irritates him.

I'm actually getting some very small knitting done - headbands. I'm on my third. When I get a minute I'll take a picture. I don't have a minute now - gotta go read something.

Thanks for the fun journey through the back roads of NDak. I'm glad you didn't run out of gas. Just think how confused the terrorists will be when they try to find you resisters out there on the plains! Love you, Mary

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Nancy Drew said...

I suppose we could hide from them, as long as it rained recently. If it hasn't rained they can follow the plumes of dust to our hiding places. That is how you tell if someone is coming up the rise towards you. Look for dust. Unless it has rained of course.