Monday, November 19, 2007

Something new for Montana

Hi Nancy -
I'm sorry about moving. It is stressful. Let me know when you're safely there.
Meanwhile, look at what I caught a picture of in my backyard: a real blue jay.

These birds aren't supposed to be in Montana, but I've caught glimpses of them in the past 3-4 years. This one is disappointed that there aren't any more peanuts left. He'd fly in, stuff a whole peanut (shell and all) into his throat, grab another in his beak, and fly off, I assume to stash them somewhere. While he was gone, somebody else showed up: a fox squirrel we named Tiger Woods.

That's because he has big balls. The way he got his name is a much longer story, but it's not really worthwhile. Suffice it to say that Tiger Woods has big balls and so does this squirrel.
That's all for now. Have a really safe trip, and hug Mom and Dad for me when you get there. Love, Mary


Nancy Drew said...

And you know Tiger Woods has big balls how? I always thought he had little balls.

Mary Drew said...

It's a way of saying he can hit the golf ball a long way. Of course!

Xanwater said...

LOL! :)

Nancy Drew said...

Of course.

Nancy Drew said...

I just thought golf balls were little balls.
Too literal as usual.