Thursday, November 22, 2007

We are all here

Except you of course.
Hi Mary,
Jeni and Chris are talking and laughing in the kitchen. Mom is reading (or sleeping) with her earphones on. Jim is reading the paper at the dining room table. Dad and Deb are still in their respective rooms. I am here getting directions to the Chanhassan so we don't get lost this year.
It is snowing!
It is the first real snow of the year.
We are supposed to be at the Theatre by 12 noon.
More later, I am going to take some of those many promised pictures.

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Mary Drew said...

Oh gosh. I'm here poring over interviews with doctors, doing a fieldwork write-up. Christy is shopping on the internet. We wish we were there too. Pictures of card games! Eating! Goofing Off! We love you guys.