Friday, June 22, 2007

Remember the iris?

Howdy Nancy,
remember a couple of years ago when ol' bear and I drove to your place and you gave me some iris from your garden? They were in a plastic grocery bag, and when we got to Minneapolis, I shoved them under Mom's rhododendron to keep cool for the week we were there. Remarkably, I remembered to retrieve them when we left. Then they traveled all the way back to Montana with us. The biggest miracle, of course, is that I actually planted them after that. So here they are, growing tall and straight amongst the columbine, along the walk in front of the garage They sure are pretty.

Love, Mary


Nancy Drew said...

Wow, the Clifford Iris. So called because everyone in Clifford has them and they pass them around. The ones you have came from in front of our post office I think. We were pulling them out and replanting them as they had become way overgrown. I have heard from several people this year who have them. Mine are just finishing their blooming. We dug up the ones at the post office two years ago and passed them around again. I got about a dozen.

Mary Drew said...

That's right! I'd forgotten that we got them from in front of the Post Office. This WAS about 2 years ago. So, do I need to dig these up and take them to my new house (what new house?) Never mind, I just realized that I don't know where I'm going yet. I'll just have to get some more at the next harvest.

Nancy Drew said...

There are quite a few around here when you get settled again. They do tend to multiply but two years old probably don't need to be divided yet. That is sure a pretty looking border. Might have been an enticement to that buyer.