Saturday, June 16, 2007

I dither, therefore I am.

Wow! Actual knitting! I've been in the longest slump. I'm glad you're working on that vest because I love that yarn. I liked the previous cable too, but one must fix what one must fix. Good luck with it.
I've been in such a slump that I haven't even posted about Sally Melville's classes. She's gotten me practicing knitting with my right hand again, since she pointed out how much less cramped it gets when you let go of the right hand needle each time you throw the yarn. That was interesting, but I'm not sure I'll do that exclusively. Besides that, nothing has been happening, only
1) yes, I'm accepted to grad school, and got the scholarship, so I'm starting to get ready for that.
2) Brian has now been out of work for 6 months while he's been at school and money is really tight until he can pass his license tests for third mate and get a job (in about 3 weeks, we hope, then about 4 more weeks to a paycheck, we hope). But maybe it's not a problem because
3) finally got an offer on the house, just when we'd decided what the heck we've gone this far we may as well keep it. But the offer is very good, so we'll take it and we're pretty excited about what we may do next which is only about 10 different options. We haven't decided on yet but when he has a job we'll know if I stay or go. But we do want to keep something in Whitefish.
4) but we have to find someplace to live except not yet, as the seller has to jump through all her hoops and we have to make sure she's able to do so and
5) I get to pack and move. No matter what, I've got to do that.
6) I lost 17 pounds which is 10 percent of my body weight (well, what my body weight used to be) which sounds very good but I just got my cholesterol checked and
7) I should be dead.

I think too much is happening. When too much is happening, I don't knit. I do read a lot of books, though. Soooooo. I'm sorting through things in my head. No surprise, my house is a mess, just like my head. What I need to do is thoroughly clean the house, and then my head will follow. I hope. I think. I hope so. I did do my yoga this morning. So now I'll go to bed and read because I need to be up at 5 am to work at the Buff. Argh! And I work 6 days this coming week due to others' vacations. Yep, waaaaay too much is happening. And one other thing. I can't keep track of anything. I'm beginning to suspect Mad Cow disease because my brain seems to be as holey as an old sponge, except retains much less. Does that ever happen to you?
- in a dither, Mary


Mary Drew said...

Oh, and one other thing that I forgot. Christy's dad and her stepmom are getting divorced, which means my lovely little god-daughter is going through a divorce as well. Ugh. It sucks. Ah, well. I'm sad.

Nancy Drew said...

I hate to tell you this but it sounds just like I felt when I realized I was starting menopause.
So, cheer up honey, it only took me 15 years and you 'ain't' dead yet.
I think you are right about cleaning the house will clean your mind. My friend Cheryl who does feng shui says to hang a crystal exactly 9 or 18 inches from the ceiling in the center of the house and it will repel all the confusion. She has one in her house. She seems fairly centered to me.
Good Luck and love,

Mary Drew said...

How do I find the exact center of the house? Is a guess good enough?