Saturday, June 30, 2007

More Birds

Dear Mary,
In answer to your many questions about my I.D. photo. I am at Hawk Ridge in Duluth. Remember you and the old bear couldn't find it? Anyway you get to 'adopt' birds that they have caught and banded. Then you get to hold it while they take your picture and then let them go. I paid $20.00 for that first year male sharp shinned hawk. My name is the contact name with his band number and if they recatch him (Or, horrors, find his carcass) I will be notified. They have a sliding scale and 'sharpies' are really cheap. Some birds are $100, $150 or more to adopt.
I had another wonderful birding adventure today and I didn't even have to leave the house. Well, first I had to water the garden but then.....then I saw a rare
bird for our state. I had a male Scarlet Tanager in my backyard. I got a picture with my new camera but I had it set wrong so it is not perfectly focused. I am still learning darn it all. Anyway, for what it is worth here is my Scarlet Tanager. And YES I AM PROUD!


Mary Drew said...

It looks like that hawk is tawking to you in the second picture. What is (s)he saying?

Nancy Drew said...

"Let me go dammit" or maybe "Hold me one more second and your nose is history."