Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Knitting again

Well, not really knitting. I just finished ripping out the middle of the silk vest I started on last fall and stopped working on this spring. I just didn't like the look of the cable. It didn't seem to me to look like the picture. Well it isn't. The person who made the sample did a single cable over 16 stitches and the pattern calls for two cables. After a while I knew something was wrong but had to wait for my brain to remember cables.

This morning I took it out once more and the end result it this. Now all I have to do it knit it up correctly...or at any rate the way I want it to look. My only snafu is that, of course, I had a join half way through this mess. Oh well, it will be the only other loose piece of yarn right? How hard can it be. YIKES!



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