Friday, June 8, 2007

Jim has a new cat

Hi there,

Jim and I went to Fargo yesterday to take Quonset (the cat) in to be tested. He didn't have feline leukemia so he was allowed to become an it. He is an outdoor cat and I have no idea what Jim will do with him in the fall when we leave.

This is the picture we used when we advertised for his owner in the Traill County Tribune last week. Several people talked to me about him but only to ask if the owner had been found. Drat!

I have been cooking lately. Enough of my taste has come back that I want to do it now. I really haven't wanted to for years. I made Jim cookies twice (he is quite happy about that and hoards them in the freezer) and even made bread once. The bread didn't work out too well (but it looked good) so I will have to try that again. Maybe a different recipe.

What's up with you? Any more news yet?


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