Thursday, June 21, 2007

Major Leaguers of 1916

Clouds last night as seen from Baker Av Viaduct

Howdy, Nancy.
Do you own this Major League Baseball Players book that you have in the book list? It looks like a good book for a library! We're always looking for ideas for books to order. Of course, it's a perfect book for someone (such as yourself) with a Shoeless Joe fixation.
Actually, what I really want is a scorebook; one that I can take to every game I go to and keep score, and thus have a record of all the games and teams and players I've seen. The ol' bear and I usually go to at least one major league game a year, if we're in Seattle or Minneapolis. His favorites are the Mets, and worst foe, the Yankees. The Twins can be my faves, but also their own worst foe sometimes. Also, we both root for the Mariners. That Ichiro is just a peach of a player. It was great to talk to you last night. I love you, Mary


Nancy Drew said...

I forgot about your other question. Jim got the book out of the Mayville State University. It was out in the new book section. He says it was a very interesting book and the kid checking him out commented on how nice it was that someone was taking out one of 'their' teachers books.
Love, N.

Nancy Drew said...

The Mayville State University Library....Library was the important word there.