Saturday, March 1, 2008

Long time, no blog

Howdy Nancy, and cats:

I've been spending a lot of time on Fatty Kitty's blog lately, trying to catch up with the rest of the librarians in our experiment/challenge to learn all we can about social software. Actually, as I sit here typing, PJ is sitting on my lap, watching the letters make their way across the screen.
I've spent most of this Saturday evening learning about podcasts, embedding a YouTube video into that blog, and signing up for (I think I'm really going to like that - I already have this blog tagged and one of the tags is ncdrew - pretty soon I'll have a whole set of things tagged with ncdrew.)

If you are interested in any of the (very brief) tutorials on all this Web 2.0 (that means the second generation of internet interactivity), check out the Montana Library Wiki on it.

Meanwhile, to comfort myself while I'm doing homework, I have bought myself a new cup:
Wow, that is definitely a "Mary" color, isn't it?

For some knitting news, you'll be interested to know (a funny phrase - you might not be interested at all!) that I'm building a knitting database. Supposedly, in this database I'll have tables with patterns, and the source of the patterns (book or pamphlet, etc), and the yarn I have, and needles, and projects. Heh heh. I might be delusional about this, but we'll see. I'm interested in just seeing if it will work with a few sets of data in it - don't know if I'll ever get it up to the full amount of knitting detritus laying about the house....anyway, I should go to bed now. I've got red eyeballs. Love, Mary


Nancy Drew said...

Wow Mary that is very interesting. I have gone through the RSS one and am now signed up for some 'feeds'. I see you have been sneakily getting me to learn by making it so interesting I couldn't resist.
Flickr and cat cards come to mind. And did you notice that word verification was added to the 2knitwits?
Now that I am registered for 'feeds' I find lots of places are not using RSS. Like Operation Migration for one. They should be doing that fersure.
I already did the extra account as Abbiethekitty so I could post on your blog so that is my RSS account.
Off to more classes. I don't feel the need to do all the work as I am an independent sort and not a librarian. But I feel sort of jealous that this is your job. What a cool job.
I think podcasts of the story hour would be great!!(bangbang)


Xanwater ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ said...

LOVE the mug AND the teapot!