Sunday, March 16, 2008

Alice says...Yoga? Why not paint?

Hi Mary, Alice says Yoga is really not good for cats. Massage yes, Yoga no. However she is very much in favor of cats that paint. Alice thinks the color blue has many wonderful permutations that can only be explored by smearing it on the wall.
She says you have got to expand your horizons dear FattyKitty. Paint is the way to go!
Here is the book.
Alice says try it, you might like it. Although your monochromatic work in the shower stall was a good start. Talk to your librarian. She should be able to get you a copy of the book so you can study what cats have done in this line in the past. Alice may not be fat but she sure can spread the paint.
The only difficult part is the cleanup. But there is always some spillage when you are in an artistic frenzy.
(for Alice, who finds typing tedious.)

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