Sunday, March 2, 2008

I've got a Cover Boy!

You know how sometimes the mail is nothing but junk, or even worse, bills? It can be so bad that we have a saying in this house: No mail is good mail!

Yesterday was a first in the annals of mail history (around here anyway); yesterday that fascinating magazine Sea Technology arrived. And guess who is on the cover? The OL' BEAR!

Actually, we knew it was coming 'cuz one of his old coworkers told him about it. Apparently there is some flack about safety standards not being up to par in this picture. Oops. Too bad we won't be able to go around and buy up any more copies, being the rather exclusive mag that it is. So Ol' Bear will just have to autograph your cocktail napkin, or your arm or Tshirt instead.

Love, Mary


Nancy Drew said...

Wow, I am impressed. I think he will probably be the only cover boy I have ever met. Too bad he had his arm over his face. But you can tell it is him. His legs look good.
I will order my autograph for the next time we all get together.

Mary Drew said...

BTW - the fireworks in a flickr badge are AWESOME.