Sunday, March 2, 2008

Finally, a poem for Alton

Hi Mary,
I have been brooding over Alton's poetry card. I finally decided that since he was so clingy a cat he needed something with a little more oomph than A.A. Milne or Ogden Nash. I came up with this Robert Browning poem. I think it fits our strange relationship perfectly. Thank goodness for!
Jim and I have been at the Winter Bluegrass Festival this weekend. It was lots of fun although it kept me up way too late both nights. One of the new bands we liked was comprised of youngsters. Sawtooth Bluegrass is a really good band and I don't think they have anyone over 16 in the group. They are going to be at Dulono's Pizza in early April and we will have to go see them.
Carry on with your classes dear Sister, I am learning alot!



Mary Drew said...

Wow! You are learning a lot - a flicker widget with fireworks, and an embedded video. And - I'm going to go there!

Nancy Drew said...

Just a warning. LOts of popups on that website.