Monday, August 6, 2007


Yowwie! I hope you are getting all set up in your new house. I hope you have lots of friends to help you carry things in. I hope you get your computer up soon. I am fussing about trying to make my new camera work. Since I bought it mainly for the fireworks, here are a few shots from last night.
It was a perfect night for fireworks. Not too hot, not too cold. Black as the bottom of a well and the slight breeze blowing the smoke away from us.
There is only one thing wrong with this wonderful week of fireworks - you are spoiled forevermore for regular fireworks shows. I took 75 pictures so more will be forthcoming.
And of course, more tonight.


Mary Drew said...

My favorite is the first one that looks like that candy called Red Hots floating in the sky.

Nancy Drew said...

That is one of my favorites too. It is hard to get photos of those type because if you do it too soon or too late it doesn't capture the firework look at all.