Friday, August 24, 2007

What I 've been doing

Waiting of course. Waiting and waiting for you. Now you're back. I have our blog as the webpage that comes up when I start up IE so every day I would see the fireworks picture. Bummer.

Also I have been quilting since it is summer and that is when I Quilt. I will be spending this weekend in what we call a 'lockin' because we quilt together at Faye's way into the night and get locked into the store.

The reason for this is that Jim is away to a bluegrass festival near Brainerd so I will be home alone. So I would rather be quilting with my friends than sitting alone with my Elizabeth Peters books. (I am up to the Guardian of the Horizon which is number 11 if you read them in order of events.)

So my project today is to start a quilt for my great nephew Dylan. He is in the blue tiedyed t-shirt in the picture. And that is me, not an alien, peeking in the window.

Although it does look an awful lot like an alien.




Nancy Drew said...

MY goodness gracious me - we were spammed. I deleted the comment. It was a link to a catalog, supposedly; I didn't check it just trashed it.
Imagine! The insult to our lovely blog!
Yours authoritatively,

Nancy Drew said...

Geez I had to do it again. A different spammer this time. Crimeny!

Mary Drew said...

OOOooo, spammers. There's a name for that happening on blogs but I forget.