Tuesday, August 28, 2007

About a new, old house

To my sister, the alien:
Our new house is not new. It's old, and shabby. But yet there is something about it. For one thing, it has mature trees and lots of birds live here.

We've tried to make it as inviting as possible, but don't know if we'll be able to keep up with the food bill! I think we're feeding a whole flock of Pine siskins, with some kind of sparrow (Brian looked it up but I forget), an occasional nuthatch, and we even have a blue jay visiting! (They're not supposed to live around here, but I've been seeing them for the past 3 years now, at least twice a summer.)

PJ the Fatty Kitty is settling in too, getting used to no cat door.
He even has mail posted on his refrigerator wall.

Here's a view from our living room into the dining area. You can see the small woodstove there. Our neighbor says that this house is cold in the winter, and suggests that we get a couple cords of wood. O joy! Messing with wood again! A fire is a nice thing when it's a luxury, but when it's a necessity, it's a dirty pain in the ass. Oh well.

Yes, those are real oak floors there. This house is not without its charms.
Very interesting, moving from a 1600 sq ft house to a less than 1000.
But it does have a basement, not unlike Mom & Dad's - even have laundry down there.
I've taken lots of pictures and will post them on Webshots soon...I hope. Something else is starting to take up my time, so it might take awhile to get to it.

How is your August going, besides lots of fun quilting? I seem to be
on a knitting hiatus, but did buy some giant cones in my favorite
color at the second hand store this week. Heh heh. Some things never change. Love you, Mary


Nancy Drew said...

And I am on the same knitting vacation as you although I am quilting like crazy.

Mary Drew said...

About those cones: there are some more down there (that means all the way in Kalispell), but they don't say what the fiber is. I did see some that said cotton, but most didn't specify.

Mary Drew said...

Oooo. Sorry about putting the same picture of PJ twice. I just like the idea of him having his own stuff cluttering the refrigerator. By the way, will birds eat watermelon?

Nancy Drew said...

Yes, birds will eat watermelon. So will a lot of other animals and insects. Especially if it is dry out. I often put my 'used' watermelon shells out in the yard. In fact there are some out there now.
In the summer I get butterflies and bees and cute little 13 striped ground squirrel babies.

Nancy Drew said...

I don't care what the darn things are made out of. Those are my favorite colors too. Blue/green!
YUMMY!!!! Maybe we can do a shawl challenge?

Jim said...

Congratulations, Mary. Enjoy your house even without a cat door.