Thursday, August 23, 2007

Back in the swing of things

A Picture for Nancy - Tiger Swallowtail

Well, I'm back to blogging finally, after a month of selling the house, packing, and moving.
This is the kitchen of the old house in the midst of it. What a relief that's all over! My computer was down for only 8 days or so, but I just haven't got back into my old habits of taking pictures and putting them right into the computer. I"ve been too busy trying to fit our stuff into a house that's quite a bit smaller. So I don't have any pictures of the little old house we're renting now.

Frankly, we're lucky to have gotten into it. The first two houses I applied for fell through after I filled out the applications. In both cases, the owners decided to rent to friends or previous renters. Argh! Meanwhile the deadline of Aug. first loomed. I had to pack and get out before this house was ready, so I spent four days housesitting for one friend, and three days at another friend's house who was out of town. This meant moving all our stuff to a temporary storage (luckily a neighbor lent a garage) and then a week later having the moving guys come back to bring it all to our little old house. Plus, moving PJ the fatty kitty all around with me. He got more comfortable with it after awhile, but did give me one scare - disappearing into a wooded back yard for 12 hours!

Our little house is an old Whitefish house - right in town. We're lucky to have had it painted and recarpeted (with the cheapest carpet it's ever been my pleasure to run my gnarly toes over - they keep snagging it!) before we moved in. Plus, it has oak floors in living, dining and office rooms. I think the office was used as a bedroom previously, but since it's downstairs in basically the middle of things, and you have to walk through it to the bathroom, we decided to put our computer desks and bookcases in there. The upstairs is a glorified attic. They enlarged the windows on the gable ends to make the rooms lighter and more livable. We have one bedroom, and the other is for the college student when she comes home to visit (it's crammed with boxes now). There's also a full basement with the laundry. Reminds me of Bruce and Maggie's house!
I'll get some pictures of it sooner or later. Until then, here's PJ the Fatty Kitty with his own refrigerator artwork:
I'll be in touch with some more pictures and etc. Love you, Mary


Nancy Drew said...

YAY!!! You're back! I have been waiting and waiting.

Nancy Drew said...

Did you know that when Dad reads something to Mom and he comes to an explanation mark he says "bang"?
So my comment above would start. "Yay, bang bang bang. You're back, bang.

Mary Drew said...

That's hilarious. Many bangs to you.