Wednesday, July 25, 2007

This is my world -- for right now

Lovely bags - I like the shopping bag style very much for functionality (is that a word?) but the little zipper bags are handy. My next bag is going to be a little zipper one, but made of clear plastic, and I'm going to put my bajillion cards in it. I have four library cards alone.

I got into the Harry Potter thing for just a couple of days. I'd like to go back and read them all in order someday - especially since the first ones are so dang good. JK Rowling does a smashing job creating a new world with all its details - something that's taken for granted in the later books. Meanwhile, there was something else I should have been doing. This picture will give you a clue:

Moving: the dreaded M-word. (NO it's not Mary). Yes, folks, it's moving time. Time to keep your cool, despite the fact that your first two rentals fell through, and now you have less than one week to find another. And despite the fact that now there is no place to live for one week (really 8 days) because the rental you finally found isn't available until Aug. 8. ARGHHHH!
Things To Be Happy About:
1) I have a helper with library story hour whose creativity and willingness to help take a load off my mind;
2) The moving company has a place to store my stuff for 8 days until they move it back (it costs a fortune I'm sure, but this list is for happy stuff, right?)
3) I have a good friend who is willing to put up with me for a week - and my cat. I hope her cat and my cat get along :o
4) I don't know what. I'm just feeling optimistic because of number one, two, and three. Egads. Tomorrow I'm sure I'll find something else to worry about. I'm good at that.

5) As Mom and Dad say, "This too shall pass"

Meanwhile, I hope there's nothing I'm supposed to be doing to get ready for grad school because I'm too danged busy right now! The last email I got from University of Washington (UW here-ever-after) said: " sure to rest up this summer before you take on your new adventure of graduate school!" HAH!
Love, Mary


Nancy Drew said...

I was wondering how that was going but I didn't want to bug you about it. I remember when I moved here to be with Jim and I was about at the point I see in your photo and I realized that I was, maybe, approaching half way.
It will get done. Really. Even if you have to make Christy come back and Jim come help and, maybe Charlie from the restaurant?
If you ever get through this I can make you a little library card holder. I have some book fabric.
Not now though. You would only lose it.

Mary Drew said...

Ha ha that is funny. Of course I would lose it right now. I think I may have already lost it! Another funny thing - I am just about halfway, just as you said. So I believe it will get worse before it gets better. However, Brian just called and he passed all his tests and is now in possession of his Third Mate license. Now he starts interviewing for jobs. If he gets one this week, he might even be home next week, but that is a lot to ask right now, huh? Love again, Mdp