Sunday, July 22, 2007

handbags and purses

Well this is a little bit of what I have been doing lately. Jenny was persuaded to part with some of the tapestry fabric she bought at garage sales when she was in Minneapolis. She really wanted to keep it but I kept telling her that I would make her some nice handbags for her and she wouldn't just have to store it in her closet or wherever it is she stores all the fabric she buys.
I made the top bag with an actual pattern. It has a little more style. The others are all my own paper bag type pattern. No style, just utility.

Jeni also gave me a couple of shopping bags of fabric and had the hardest time parting with the green dragonfly fabric so I made this set too.

She also parted with some upholstery fabric and I made two more of the paper bag style bags. I packed them all up tonight and will mail them off tomorrow morning.

I hope she likes them as much as I do.
All the quilt store ladies wanted the fabric, so it was fun to do.

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Mary Drew said...

Wow...Jeni bought some beautiful fabrics. And the bags you made out of them are FABulous :D