Wednesday, July 4, 2007

No fireworks for Jim...just food

Nope, No fireworks yet.
We are many miles away from any displays, so we stay home and eat slow cooker barbecue ribs, real potato salad and homemade scones. With sun tea for me and beer for Jim.

He made himself chocolate cupcakes a few days before his birthday so I didn't bother with a cake. I just made his favorite meal today and did NOT go quilting (although I was invited).

Now we are going to play a game of hand and foot in my new card playing niche.

There I am smiling at you in the mirror. Cheers,



Nancy Drew said...

Not only is this my new camera but it is my 'Adope' photoshop 5.0.2 program making it all possible.
I tried some HTML in here. I wonder if it will work.

Nope, not allowed....

Mary Drew said...

Your new card-playing niche...where in the house is it? I love it! We have Ben and Amanda here today and might get to play cards, but everybody seems to go off in a different direction....
I think I'm getting mixed up with a big fireworks thing you go to at another time of year -- I know I've seen pictures of fireworks that you've taken.

Nancy Drew said...

My 'cpn' is at the top of the stairs. If you turn to the left you go past it on your way to the bedrooms.
My fireworks extravaganza is in August. This year it is again in West Fargo from the 5th to the 11th. The link is