Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Vintage Sewing Machines and Quilts

Hello there Mary and Jeni,
I am busy getting ready for the Quilt show this weekend. We have done lots of organizing and I hope we don't have any problems. It will be exciting to see who wins the raffle quilt, shown above. I sold a lot of tickets. Of course if Dad hadn't bought 5o I would have only sold 60 tickets. However he did buy 50 and so I think there is a good chance that someone I sold a ticket to will win the quilt.
We do sell a lot of tickets but I have about a 15% chance of being the seller of the winning ticket.
The other thing I have been doing is getting Faye's beautiful vintage sewing machines up and running. She is going to have a vintage sewing machine display to coincide with the Quilt show and we need to spiff them up. I have been working there all week and it is a lot of fun. I hope to get some of mine up to the quilt show too.
Other than that we are just watching baseball and watching the rain. We have had about a week of gloomy weather. However it is supposed to get down around 32 degrees tonight so we might have a clear sky and that may very well mean we have frost and that will be the end of the flowers in the garden. It has already been cold enough to stop the morning glories.
I have just finished Potshot on the Spenser series. He is getting better as he ages. I don't know how much longer he can keep this up though. Spenser must be getting really old.
I have started reading an occasional Sunny Randall story as it comes up in order. I am up to 2001 now because they talk about 9/11. I am glad you encouraged me to read them. Parker is a lot of fun.


Mary Drew said...

Wow! You got a lot farther than I did in Spenser. On the other hand, I've read all of Sunny Randall and all of Jesse Stone. Yep, Spenser must be reeeeelly old. And Robert B. Parker is now writing westerns.

I hope I win the quilt, if I'm not going to win the lottery. But, if I'm going to win the lottery, I don't care who wins the quilt. And, I never buy lottery tickets, so I may as well win the quilt. I guess what I'm saying is that I would like to be lucky.

Queen B. said...

I need advise.
I can buy a vintage Spartan Sewing machine from someone in town for 20.00. Is this a good deal ?
It works and has the case and everything.
Thank You.

Nancy said...

Hi Queen Bee,
I would. I think that is a good price if it works well and looks fairly good. Not if it is decrepit. Spartans are a sturdy little machine. Not fancy but easy to use. I like mine alot. By the way, Spartans never had a case. They just had a little plastic base. Sometimes these bases can crack inside and the machine sits crooked in the base. A screw in the middle of the bottom of the base will remove the machine head so you can look and see if the supports are broken. If they are, offer them less and see if they will take it.


Mary Drew said...

Y'know, I think I need a very simple sewing machine. Or else I'm nuts. Reserve this comment for when I'm not in school anymore.

Nancy said...

Well I have to report that no one in our family won the quilt. I did sell the winning ticket today at the quilt show though.
Dad was one of the 10 finalists but his name was not the chosen one.
So, speaking of sewing machines, do you want one with a tail or would you like a lovely handcrank machine? I will look out for a nice one for you.
For after school, of course.
Do you mind if it is heavy?