Saturday, October 3, 2009

Quilt Show Window

Hi there Mary,
It has been raining here, confounding the farmers who are trying to harvest beans. We had 2.8 inches Wednesday and Thursday which is the most we have had at one time all season. More is expected on Monday. So the fields are wet and the farmers are in town catching up on their gossip and eating pie at Paula's restaurant.
Jim and I are waiting to see if the Minnesota Twins can pull it off and make it into the playoffs, or if the Detroit Tigers can blow their lead in the last two games of the season. Either way works for us.
One thing I did recently was decorate a window in Mayville to highlight our quilt club's upcoming quilt show. One of the other club members, Eldra Forsgren, and I have done this for two years now. This year my friend Anne came up from the cities and helped us out. We had a good time and finished it in about 2 hours. It took us very little time this year because we had done it once before.
All the quilt club members are asked to donate quilts and the window stays up about a month. It faces North so we don't worry about the sun fading the quilts. The members in Hillsboro, N.D. have to change their window after two weeks because it faces the east and gets lots more sun.
Anyway these are some pictures of the window. As you can see the pictures from outside the window give you an interesting view of the North side of Main Street with an nice look at Soholt's bakery, the Traill County Tribune offices and the Corner Cafe.
So I had to take pictures from the inside of the window to get a good look. The angle isn't the best but it gives you the feeling. We tried to make it look like a sewing room and the owner just stepped out for a moment but she would be
The vintage New Home machine is one that was given to Faye at the Henhouse because the owner was downsizing and she knew Faye collects the old machines. Was I jealous? Yes! It is a little beauty.
Hope school is starting OK for you this semester.


Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

What a wonderful idea for the window!! I love that!~I have a dining room that we just don't use, and I think I may borrow that idea for the dining room!! Decorate it as though it were a winter sewing room! Fall colors and all! Beautiful and thanks so much for the inspiration!!

Mary Drew said...

The window is in what business in Mayville? It looks very professional. A job well done, Nancy, Eldra, and Ann!