Friday, October 16, 2009

Slivers everywhere

Hi Mary and Jeni,
Slivers of wood that is. This is a quiz.
What does this say and where does it say it?

Do 'ya give?

All right, here is the answer.
"Never again will I put a sliver in Maggie's finger." And it is signed "X"
Yes, you got it right. I knew you both would. It is the old front door.
Lots of history on that door. Decades of history, including the saying written with magic marker on the bottom inside. I have seen many people stare at the door for a while and then look around at us. WTF?
But the stuff on the outside of the door is the most historic.
A history of Mom and Dad's political views over the years.
1984, Twenty five years ago. Who was running for president then? Jim says Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro against Reagan.
A sign from 1990... almost twenty years ago.
Jim says he didn't put this one up, but Monroe Crossing is a bluegrass band. They have even played here in Clifford, North Dakota! I notice it is right next to an American Farmland Trust sticker.
This is one of Mom's.
I enjoy this one alot.
The reason I am profiling the door is that the parents have told me they are getting new windows in their bedroom and a new front door. Probably before we get back for the winter. It will sure be different.
Then when we got back to the farm we found that we had missed a snow storm that had put lots of heavy snow on our trees. The result was two tree limbs down in the road. We could just barely drive around them.
When we came into the yard we had limbs down on our trees next to the (beautiful) new deck and also two down on the crabapple tree. Lots of work for tomorrow.
So, slivers everywhere.


Mark Anderson said...

I know Monroe Crossing would be honored to be part of that door. Great stickers! Thanks for sharing.

Mary Drew said...

Wow - I'm glad you took some pictures of that door. I remember Mom and Dad talking about it. It is one of the unique things about their house that nobody but us would ever be fond of.

I'm sure when they get their new door, they'll start putting stickers on it immediately!

Mary Drew said...

Btw I love the picture of Mom pointing at the door. She tells that story with relish. And, that door has never ever given her another sliver. Take that, door!