Friday, October 16, 2009

Our Brothers' Birthdays

Dear Nancy,

They are not so young as they once were, our brothers. But really, have they changed all that much?

Jon - I remember him showing me how to draw stick figures the night before kindergarten because I was afraid the other kids would laugh at me for not knowing how to draw people. That was unusual though. He was more likely to make a horrendous face so I would laugh and squirt food at the dinner table when Dad demanded Peace and Quiet.

Chris - Kit then - I have an indelible memory of him, hunched over a textbook at a desk in his room, black glasses practically steaming up from thinking so hard, kleenex screwed into his nostrils because of a dripping nose from allergies, and out of the silence a sudden, loud, frustated utterance......"Suck a HOT NUT!" Then nothing more, while he continued his furious work. He must have been doing calculus. And who could forget the Dog Dance?

Happy Birthday Chris, Oct. 9
Happy Birthday Jon, Oct. 16

Love, Mary


Nancy said...

OMG How could I forget the "suck a hot nut" explosions. Sheesh. Good thing I didn't have a mouthful of something when I read that. Made me laugh out loud.
Jon I remember him coming home from school through the alleys because of all the good 'stuff' people put out there. And both he and Kit loved snakes and turtles even then. I remember one of Kit's snakes was brought along on one of our vacations and got lost in the car never to be seen again.

Mary Drew said...

I didn't know about the snake in the car...and I'm glad.